Dubai Attorney-Genera likely to take up Asif case on Sunday

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Dubai Attorney-General is expected to take up Mohammad Asif's case on Sunday, according to the Pakistan embassy in the city, where the bowler has been detained since June 3 on suspicion of possessing contraband drugs.

An official at the embassy dismissed media reports that Asif was likely to be deported on Friday.

"I think if any decision was taken to deport him, we would know about it,"

the official told PTI.

"There has been no development on the Asif front as yet and we are expecting the Attorney-General to handle the case on Sunday after going through the prosecutor's report. He might even take a decision the same day on whether to charge Asif or release or deport him."

Last Sunday Asif appeared before the court, which was adjourned soon after the recommendations of the public prosecutor were heard. After the investigations were completed, the prosecutor's report was submitted to the Attorney-General.

Shafqat Naghmi, the board's chief operating officer, said no progress had been made in the case so far.

"Nothing much has moved on it so far. I spoke to Asif this morning in connection with his lawyer. He sounded tired."

The ICC has also taken an official interest in Asif's case now, having written to the PCB and asked to be kept informed about developments in the case.

"The ICC wanted to know what was happening with the case. They have gotten news from the media about it, but wanted to be kept informed about what is happening. We have no problem with that,"

a board spokesman told Cricinfo.

Should Asif be released from detention and sent back to Pakistan he will face an inquiry from the PCB.

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