PCB Governing Board to meet in Lahore on November 9

Friday, October 26, 2007

KARACHI: The new Governing Board of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) will meet for the first time in Lahore on November 9, PCB chief Nasim Ashraf said on Thursday.

Ashraf told ‘The News’ that members of the newly-formed Board will be fully briefed about the annual budget of the PCB that was previously approved by its ad-hoc committee as well as about the plans made for the development of cricket in the country.

“The Governing Board will meet at our headquarters in Lahore for the first time on November 1. It will be an introductory meeting in which its members will be briefed about our plans, the budget and their ratification will be sought over those points,”
said Ashraf.

The PCB is currently in the process of implementing its new constitution that gives sweeping powers to the new Governing Board. Members of the Board include technocrats, former Test cricketers and representatives of the regions. It is to be headed by Ashraf as the PCB chairman.

Ashraf said that during the first meeting, he will sound out the members about the formation of different committees that would help run the PCB in a more efficient manner.

“We will soon be forming different committees to oversee different areas like finance, competitions discipline etc,”
he said.

Ashraf said that he will try to have a meeting of the Governing Board at least once every two months.

“There is a suggestion to have quarterly meetings of the Governing Board but I believe it should meet more frequently, at least six times in a year.”

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