Toronto could host West Indies for Twenty20s

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Toronto could host a Twenty20 tournament involving Pakistan, West Indies and Canada in August. If plans go ahead, the teams will play some warm-up matches ahead of the Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa the following month.

Contrary to other reports, however, nothing has been set in stone. A spokesman for the Canada board told Cricinfo there had been preliminary discussions with the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB). "The CCA is most certainly supportive of the proposed event," he said, "particularly as we believe the 20/20 format is ideal for the North American market which is geared to three-hour Major League Baseball games.

"But, as yet, nothing is finalised. The prime consideration is the securing of global television rights - which are not yet in place."

The CCA had held preliminary discussions with the WICB in the early part of 2007 and it is understood that the WICB has also been in contact with Pakistan's board about the same event.
The tournament would have many benefits, not least for West Indies and Pakistan on a playing level. Pakistan have only played two Twenty20 matches to date, while West Indies have only played one.

Canada haven't played any, nor are they in the World Cup, but they would benefit financially. Another plus for them is that cricket in North America would be promoted at the same time.

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