Pakistan to play Scotland in July

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Pakistan will play a full ODI against Scotland at Edinburgh on July 1 as preparation for their Friendship Cup one-dayer against India two days later.

"It's fantastic news for the public to have two such games in the same week,"

Scotland coach Peter Drinnen told The Scotsman. "It's great for Cricket Scotland to attract such a fixture as India v Pakistan, and it's tremendous for our players to get another game against a full member nation.

"We have a big Asian population who follow the game very closely, and to have
both those teams in town at the same time would be a major, significant gain for
any country. It will certainly raise the profile of cricket in Scotland yet
again, after all the strides we have taken, and it will be tremendous if it
attracts more kids to the game, whether Asian or not."

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