Rixon considered for Pakistan role

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Steve Rixon, the former Australia wicketkeeper, has been sounded out as a potential coach of Pakistan. However, Rixon said the unexplained death of Bob Woolmer had left him in doubt whether he wanted the job and he has not officially applied.

Pakistan's board was reportedly impressed by Rixon's successful stretch as New Zealand's coach from 1996 to 1999, and specifically his work with the captain Stephen Fleming. Rixon said whether he put in for the Pakistan position might depend on what police uncovered about Woolmer's death in Jamaica at the World Cup.

"They [Pakistan] have made contact with me, I have spoken to them,"

Rixon told .

"I haven't indicated whether I'm interested yet. I'm finding it extremely hard
to get over the fact Bob Woolmer is no longer with us, to be honest. I'd never
say never, but I'll be interested in the results of the inquiry."

As well as Pakistan, there are still senior coaching vacancies in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Without naming specific nations, Rixon confirmed he had

"spoken to a few different countries"

but had not committed to applying for any of the roles.

Rixon, who is based in Sydney, said coaching on the subcontinent would be a very different challenge, if he chose to pursue it.

"It's something that's not grabbing me and saying 'you've got to come and do

Rixon said of a potential move to Asia.

"But who knows? This interest might be the spark that gets me there."

Rixon spent two years at the helm of Surrey from 2004-05 and has also had two separate stints as the coach of New South Wales. He hoped to return to the international ranks as John Buchanan's replacement this year, although Australia instead chose Tim Nielsen.

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