Sports ministry for ‘model constitution’ to run PCB on democratic lines

Friday, October 24, 2008

Federal sports ministry, in coordination with Law Ministry, is aiming to draft a new ‘model constitution’ of Pakistan Cricket Board in three months time to run the Board on democratic lines and ending one man show. This was stated by Chef De Mission of Pakistan Contingent taking part in Bali Asian Beach Games Muhammad Ashram Khan, who is also the Federal Sports Minister.

“With the provision and implementation of the new document, the Board can be run under a power sharing formula by all the stake-holders ending one man dominance”,
he said.

Present constitution is a “vague document” and all the powers revolve around its chairman. Under such circumstances the Board cannot be run on democratic lines, he reiterated.

“We will be having the first meeting in the first week of November on this issue with Law Minister Farooq H Naek, who has taken up the job to re-write the PCB constitution”,
he said.

Ashraf said the present constitution of the PCB has ruined the game as one man holds the fate of entire cricket of the country in his hands, adding that in the past many years former chairmen of the Board took steps which pushed the game to the brink of disaster.

“If we do not bail out PCB from this situation the future of cricket in Pakistan will be bleak as no attention is being paid to revamp the existing dull, domestic structure and huge funds are being wasted on a big set up of the PCB”,
he said, adding,
"PCB at the moment is spending Rs260 million per annum on the salaries of its employees, who are nearly 700 hundred. They were inducted in the Board without need.”

“In the world, Boards of cricket are being run by less than one hundred employees and under-developed country like Pakistan cannot afford to have army of employees who are a sheer burden”,
he said.

Federal Sports Secretary said instead of giving hefty salaries to employees that amount should be spent on the domestic cricket, saying that with such expenditure for five years Pakistan will have a pool of talented players.

“We want to evolve a system under which all the cricket playing associations and regions can be given equal representation. They must have power sharing under the new constitution so that chairman should not take decisions on his own—without any accountability”
, he stressed.

However, he said the new Chairman of the PCB, Ejaz Butt has rich experience of cricket, and expressed his confidence that he (chairman) will extend his cooperation for a new constitution to run the Board on professional lines.

“We want to have a strong Board of Governors to take every decision and a set up which comprises experts to run Pakistan cricket on modern lines”,
he said.

He also opposed the trend of giving important managerial or administrative positions to former Test cricketers in the set up of the Board and said that they should only be appointed as managers, coaches or selectors and rest of positions be filled by those individuals who are experts in administrators or other fields.

“All the cricket boards, barring Sri Lanka, are being run by private business sector experts and former test cricketers are not in that set up, except with the teams. This pattern should also be followed in Pakistan to save huge resources being spent on the set-up and on those un-needed employees who were inducted through back door,”
he said.

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