‘Every Tom, Dick and Harry is enjoying wasting money’

Thursday, June 14, 2007

KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has criticised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for holding its ad-hoc committee and domestic cricket meeting at a holiday resort in Bhurban rather than at their headquarters in Lahore.

“It’s a sort of joyride and enjoyment for the PCB officials and those who are invited to give suggestions on domestic cricket,”

said Miandad.

“It’s wastage of money by the cricket board. Why to spend millions of rupees when you could save nearly 70 percent of the expenses by holding the same meeting at National Cricket Academy (NCA). What is the purpose of having expensive facilities with accommodation and meeting hall in Lahore?”

Miandad asked.

“Every Tom, Dick and Harry will go there (Bhurban) and enjoy. It is not that easy to earn money these days. This is sheer wastage of precious funds. Since there is no accountability, no constitution and no planning, those at the helm are destroying everything,”

Miandad warned.

He added:
“I think all the former cricketers should have vetoed the idea of holding it at Bhurban. Look at the cost of airfare, hotel charges and other perks. This could have been avoided easily. There is no such example in the history of Pakistan cricket that meetings were used to be held at holiday resorts and millions of rupees wasted.”

“I think its time now that General Musharraf, the Patron, should interfere in these matters and stop them,”
he explained.

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