Pentangular Cup to begin from Dec 15

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Punjab will play Federal Areas in the opening match of the Pentangular Cup one day cricket tournament on December 15 at Gadaffi stadium.

Apart from Lahore the matches will also be played at Karachi. The tournament will be played under lights, said a spokesman of Pakistan Cricket Board here on Monday.

Following is the programme of the matches to be read as dates, teams, venues, umpires, referee ,scorer and tv umpire.

(Dec 15) Punjab-Federal Areas, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Iftikhar Malik-Mian Aslam, Khalid Niazi, Abdul Hameed.

(Dec 16) Sindh-Balochistan, National Stadium Karachi, Rasheed Bhatti-Saleem Badar, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Muhammad Ahsan, Iftikhar Malik.

(Dec 17) Punjab-NWFP, National Stadium Karachi, Mian Aslam-Iftikhar Malik, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Salman Hussain, Rasheed Bhatti.

(Dec 18) Federal Areas-Baluchistan, National Stadium Karachi, Rasheed Bhatti-Riazuddin, Anwar Khan, Imran Ali, Mian Aslam.

(Dec 19) Punjab-Baluchistan, National Stadium Karachi, Zameer Haider-Iqbal Butt, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Ahsan, Riazuddin.

(Dec 20) Sindh-NWFP, National Stadium Karachi, Iqbal Butt-Zameer Haider, Khalid Niazi, Salman Hussain, Saleem Badar.

(Dec 21) Sindh-Federal Areas, National Stadium Karachi, Saleem Badar-Riazuddin, Naeem Ahmed, Imran Ali, Iqbal Butt.

(Dec 22) NWFP-Baluchistan, National Stadium Karachi, Nadeem Ghouri-Ahmed Shahab, Naeem Ahmed, Muhammad Ahsan, Ahsan Raza.

(Dec 23) Punjab-Sindh, National Stadium Karachi, Nadeem Ghouri-Ahsan Raza, Abdul Sami Khan, Salman Hussain, Ahmed Shahab.

(Dec 24) NWFP-Federal Areas, National Stadium Karachi, Ahsan Raza-Ahmed Shahab, Abdul Sami Khan, Imran Ali, Nadeem Ghouri.

(Dec 26) FINAL, National Stadium Karachi.

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