‘All federations including PCB, POA to be held accountable’

Friday, July 18, 2008

Federal minister for sports Najmuddin Khan said that all federations, including the Pakistan Cricket Board and the Pakistan Olympics Association, would be held accountable by the ministry.

Talking with media on visit of the National Coaching & Training Centre in Lahore, Najmuddin Khan said that there is an immediate need to change the system at the moment.

He said that the ministry for sports is the ministry of the least importance and nobody considers himself accountable before the ministry for sports. How to ask those sitting in the cricket board, POA and federations as some say they are accountable to the President and the others say they are accountable to an international body.

The sports minister said that after Beijing Olympics, the sports policy would be strictly followed.

He asked the officials who cannot spare time for sports to keep themselves away from their responsibilities otherwise they would be removed.

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