Appellate Tribunal calls for the details of PCB-IPL letters

Friday, May 2, 2008

Appellate Tribunal Chief, Justice ® Aftab Farrukh has called for the details of the correspondence between Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Indian Board and the managements of IPL, following the Tribunal’s interim decision, while the PCB lawyer said that he has submitted the relevant clarification and would do so if required in future also, as he could never think of interfering in the Tribunal’s proceedings.

Appellate Tribunal Chief Justice ® Aftab Farrukh summoning PCB lawyer, Tafazzul Rizvi in his office had called for clarification of the correspondence with the IPL and Indian Board. Later, he told Geo News that as Shoaib Akhtar matters were still under hearing, but several news with reference to PCB legal advisor appeared after the interim order, therefore, clarification was called for so that it could be ascertained whether his action was aimed at influencing the Tribunal’s proceedings.

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