Revised schedule of ABN AMRO Pentangular Cup

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

In view of adverse conditions (in Quetta) and certain other logistic considerations, the PCB has made slight changes in the venues of ABN Pentangular Cup 2007-2008.

Revised Schedule ABN AMRO Pentangular Cup (First Class) 2007-2008 is as follows. The same has been notified to all teams, officials and concerned.

Date Matches Venue Umpires Referee Scorer TV Umpire
10-13 Feb Sindh-NWFP National Stadium Karachi Riazuddin-Saleem Badar Anwar Khan Muhammad Ahsan Ahsan Raza

Punjab-Federal Areas Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Aleem Dar-Nadeem Ghouri Muhammad Anees Azhar Hussain
22-25 Feb Federal Areas-Baluchistan National Stadium Karachi Nadeem Ghauri-Ahsan Raza Naeem Ahmed Imran Ali Ahmed Shahab

Punjab-NWFP Gaddafi Stadium Lahore Riazuddin-Saleem Badar Abdul Sami Khan Najam-us-Saeed
28 Feb-2 Mar Sindh-Baluchistan National Stadium Karachi Saleem Badar-Ahsan Raza Naeem Ahmed Salman Hussain

NWFP-Federal Areas Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar Nadeem Ghouri-Ahmad Shahab Abdul Sami Khan Nadeem Akhtar
05-08 Mar Sindh-Federal Areas Diamond Ground Islamabad Ahmad Shahab-Ahsan Raza Ishtiaq Ahmed Shakeel Ahmed

Punjab-Baluchistan Jinnah Stadium Sialkot Asad Rauf-Zameer Haidar Abdul Sami Khan Farrukh Ilyas
11-14 Mar Punjab-Sindh National Stadium Karachi Asad Rauf-Riazuddin Anwar Khan Imran Ali Saleem Badar

NWFP-Baluchistan Arbab Niaz Stadium Peshawar Zameer Haidar-Ahmad Shahab Muhammad Anees Nadeem

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